The Gift of Giving

We have the privilege of worshiping God with our possessions. One way we do that is by giving a portion of what we make back to him.

We give because we are thankful that he provides for us. We give because we want to support the work and worship of the church. And we give because we recognize our lives and possession are not our own. We belong to God.

Several Ways to Give

Because not everyone carries cash or checks, we have had requests for digital forms of giving. We strive to handle the church's finances with wisdom and security. After several months of research, we decided that Mogiv was the best option available. They have several ways to give:

1. Give Online

You can give a one-time gift without registering. Or you can register if you wish for your information to be saved or if you would like to set up recurring giving. Our giving platform, Mogiv, accepts credit, debit, and ACH (eChecks).

We take your privacy and security seriously. Pastors, elders, and staff do not see how much you give. Only our treasurer and a few other parties have access to giving information.

2. Give via Text

Text 610-595-9007 to get started. A series of texts will help you to set up text giving.

We have two different places you can text funds into: the general church fund (regular giving) and the deacon fund (which the deacons use for mercy works).

Texting "50" will start a donation of $50 to the general church fund.
Texting "50 deacon" will start a donation of $50 to the deacon fund.

3. Give via Paper

And of course, you can always give by cash or check on Sunday morning.

Some banks also have a bill pay feature that allows you to mail a check once or mail checks out on a schedule. Checks can be mailed to Cornerstone Presbyterian Church, 5900 Old Bethlehem Pike, Center Valley, PA 18034.

Our prayer is that in everything that we as a church and we as individuals would treasure Christ first