Nominations for Elders and Deacons

Jesus is the King and Head of His church. Because Jesus loves and actively leads His church, He has given her certain gifts to promote and maintain her health. These gifts include his Word, sacraments, and church officers.

1.       Officers are important to fulfilling Christ’s purpose for His church

The purpose of a local congregation is to help people to know Christ more fully, and to mature in the likeness of Christ. Elders have an important role in cultivating and maintaining the health of the church through shepherding, care, governance and protection. Deacons also serve an important role of service, ministering to those in need and leading us toward acts of kindness, love, justice and mercy.

2.       Officers are given as a gift by Christ to His church

When the church ordains someone as an officer, we are not making him an Elder or Deacon, we are recognizing that Christ has made him an Elder or Deacon, and that Christ is calling him to serve our local congregation.

Steps for Nominating Someone for Office