The Gift of Giving

We have the privilege of worshiping God with our possessions. One way we do that is by giving a portion of what we make back to him.

We give because we are thankful that he provides for us. We give because we want to support the work and worship of the church. And we give because we recognize our lives and possession are not our own.

We collect an offering every Sunday during the worship service. Below are some other giving options.

1. Give via Bill Pay

Some banks have a free bill pay option that allows you to mail checks on a schedule. Checks can be mailed to Cornerstone Presbyterian Church, 5900 Old Bethlehem Pike, Center Valley, PA 18034.

2. Give Online

You can give one time or set up recurring gifts.

What fees will I have to pay?
You do not have to pay anything to give online. The church pays a servicing fee for each transaction (2.99% for cards, 1% for ACH).

Text Giving.png

3. Give via Text

Text "give" to (610) 421-0748 to get started.

You can give to the general fund (default) or you can specifically give to the Deacons' fund:
Texting "50" will start a donation of $50 to the general church fund.
Texting "50 deacons" will start a donation of $50 to the Deacons' fund.